Surface Water

It is estimated that fresh water resources make up only 2.5% of all the water on earth and with the rapid industrialization and urbanization development of the past 30 years, humanity has an ever-increasing responsibility to take care of these precious resources.


The rapid increase in harmful algal blooms, or HAB’s, which have been grabbing global headlines in the last decade, is an illustration of the stress that is being inflicted on our water resources.


Since 1965, we have been dedicated to the development, production, and application of a wide variety of water products for aquatic vegetation management. Our work on cyanobacteria, managing harmful algal blooms helps improve the functional and recreational and value of water systems.


Our range of aquatic algaecides, herbicides, colorants, and biological products help support the aquatic vegetation control programs implemented in lakes, ponds, and waterways, worldwide.

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