The Premium Solid Chemistry Water Treatment Solution for Industrial and Municipal markets in Sub Saharan Africa


The HTH Scientific® & Scientific® range offers the perfect solution in water treatment covering a broad range of applications, such as Cooling, Drinking, Mining, Process, Waste and Effluent Water. With a broad portfolio of chemistries, from disinfectants to Inhibitors and Dispersants, our products provide optimal performance even in the most challenging environments. Our products, combined with expert knowledge, backup service and support provides superior value to your company.


HTH Scientific® & Scientific® products are designed around our customers’ needs providing for a safer, more convenient solid solution. Packaged in a concentrated form they not only reduce transport and handling, but also reduce waste packaging produced on site. Our products for the Municipal Market hold the NSF – ANSI 60 drinking water certification and is produced under the strictest ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.