hth® easiflo® is a leading brand of Commercial Pool sanitization systems in Europe


The family of hth® easiflo® chlorine feeders are suitable for almost any size of commercial pool, and are designed to eliminate all the problems associated with pumps, tanks and agitator based systems. Simple to use and low maintenance - with no foot valves, dosing pumps or injectors used within the system – high cost and maintenance issues with dosing systems become a thing of the past.


Products are available in a variety of pack sizes, in a choice of granular or briquette form and as a standard or easiflo® option. All products are designed to conform to all relevant EU and UN regulations. hth® easiflo® ensures greater efficiency with minimal wastage.

With an objective of water conservation, the standard easiflo® SYSTEM has 3 core elements:

  • hth® easiflo® FIRST or hth® easiflo® FULL-OPTION feeder with adaptable size.

  • hth® easiflo® BRIQUETTES - patented Calcium Hypochlorite tablets with high available chlorine content and an anti-scale additive.

  • hth® CYCL'EAU Pro - our next generation amperometric controller.

Additional complementary product solutions complete the range of hth® easiflo®.

Commercial Pool owners and operators have been switching to hth® easiflo® systems, simply because it is one of the safest and most economical methods of pool water treatment.


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