BlueSense™ technology turns chlorides – present in the water source – into an oxidizing and disinfecting agent without the need for added chemicals.


Chlorides, which are naturally present in the water, are converted into a powerful oxidizing agent, either HOCl (hypochlorous acid) or ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) using a unique, patented electrolysis process that applies a low-voltage between specialized electrodes. Water passing through the system treated with this in-situ disinfectant, and a residual amount of free chlorine is generated to protect the distribution network against microorganism growth and limit the development of biofilm.


OXAQUA (HOCl) can be used for many diverse applications, from drinking water disinfection to industrial and agricultural water disinfection.


OXIBLU (ClO2) produces in-situ, without any precursor other than the chlorides present in the treated water. OXIBLU units are particularly adapted to the treatment of animal drinking water and small cooling or HVAC systems.


o             No chemical precursor required to produce powerful disinfectants

o             Simple, reliable and plug-and-play units with limited maintenance requirements

o             Can be easily used for retrofit of existing installations with a small footprint

o             On-site generation means no transportation, handing and no risk of chemical spills

o             Numerous certification obtained for drinking water and Legionella treatment